Thursday, 11 February 2010

midweek success!

Went to Julie for a midweek check-in yesterday and discovered I'd lost half a stone! True, the vast majority of this will be stored water and glycogen, but it makes the scales less daunting (or at least the numbers look a little more friendly!) Also found out that I am now officially in ketosis; in other words, my body has started to dine on my fat reserves - as it is finding the Cambridge meals inadequate for its needs. Not sure if this is true, but I would have though that if I burn more energy I will burn more of the stored fat. However, I don't feel up to anything energetic at the moment - so it will just have to remain a theory.
Made a bit of a hash of things at my friend's baby shower party last night. Started well (large glass of water) but buckled when I saw the food and had some nibbles. Avoided the cake in favour of fruit (still not allowed but better). It was a lovely spread and I would have felt very rude indeed not eating anything. I don't think I have very much of a social nature on the horizon, so hopefully that's the last obstacle for a while. 

Yes I know there's Easter coming up, but I have 2 small boys who are quite partial to chocolate, so they will be tasked with any egg-eating that needs doing!

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